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Summer School

second life heels nails fashion blog schoolDespite being a fairly new event in SL, Ai Gacha has become one of my favorite gacha events. First off, it’s gacha, what else can I say? Gacha is always addictive for people who are addicted like me. But most importantly, not only it’s gacha, but the stores and designers participated always give such cute items I can’t resist. And this June round, Ai Gacha is back with more shops and products. The ones I’m wearing are some of my cute finds in the events. All is 85L and less. Visit Ai Gacha now and get more fabulous items.

What I wear:

Mesh Body – Slink Physique

Skin appliers – Pink Acid Mixer

Hair – EMBW Huredhiel Hair @ Ai Gacha June

Hair Accessory – Altair Bunny Magic Ribbon (yellow) @ Ai Gacha June

Dress – [Cute or Die!] Sailor Lolita S (black) @ Ai Gacha June

Socks – !creamSH! Short Socks 02 @ Ai Gacha June

Shoes – ::Wretch:: Lolita Heels (white) @ Ai Gacha June

Bag – Nomi School Bag (brown) @ Ai Gacha May

Books – Nomi School Book (purple) @ Ai Gacha May

Pose (with book prop) – Nomore x Miwa Book 2 @ Ai Gacha June

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Stroll in the Park

second life heels nails fashion blogI’m wearing:

Mesh body – Slink Physique

Skin & appliers – Pink Acid Mixer (latte)

Lips – Pink Acid Sticky Bun Lip Gloss (bubblegum) for loudmouth

Hair – [Entwined] Electra (blonde) @ Shiny Shabby

Hat – *katat0nik* Froggy Sailor Hat (yellow)

Outfit – [DAMI] Boxyfit T-shirt + Skirt #13 @ The Kawaii Project May

Necklace – Nomi Dessert Lolita Mint Ice Cream @ The kawaii Project May

Camera – Ninety Camera Popsicle (pink) @ The Kawaii Project May

Bracelet – Half Deer Forest’s Tale Petals and Pearls Bracelet

Shoes – Whatever Mary-Anns (white) for Slink Mid Feet @ The Dressing Room

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A Dreamer’s Dream

second life fashion blog heels nails

Loving yet another lovely dress from Pixicat. As always Pixicat dresses always make it to my favorite list. The dress needs some shape adjusting for the chest gravity for me but it’s not a problem at all. Wearing this dress makes me feel like airy fairy too. I pair the dress with some of the new stuff I hauled from The Kawaii Project May round and they are are unbearably cute. The shoes are from The Sugar Garden and it’s seriously the perfect lolita platform shoes, and it’s so much alike the lolita shoes I have in RL I just had to get them in same color, pink. I said before that I am not so much into lolita I know (I’m a gyaru) but lolita shoes are always so comfy to wear and fit perfectly for himekaji or hime gyaru looks too. And in this OOTD, it fits the lilac Pixicat dress, perfect for mature cute look as well. Unfortunately the cute phone doesn’t come with posing pose so a selfie pose is still needed. But it has typing animation which is pretty cute when I’m typing in local. For the nails, can I scream for the love of god now that I found the perfect gyaru nails in SL? Like… seriously I’ve been looking for it forever. I can not express how much I love love love extra long claw gyaru nails in RL, and to be able to have it too in SL? That’s too amazing. As expected of Gorgeous Dolls as always, their nail releases never disappointed me so far. The nails come with a really convenient HUD that allows me to change the nail polish on certain fingernails too. It’s my top fave nail at the moment!

Also visit The Kawaii Project now to grab the cutest releases.<3

What I’m wearing:

Mesh Body – Slink Physique

Skin Appliers – Pink Acid Mixer (latte)

Lips – Pink Acid Sticky Bun Lipgloss (bubblegum) for loudmouth

Hair – Due Jude (blonds) @ The Kawaii Project

Hairband – Pink Acid Roses in Spring Headband (lavender)

Dress – Pixicat Darling Dress (lilac) @ Kustom9

Watch – Le Forme Absolut Watch (black)

Necklace – Violent Seduction Cutlery Necklace (spoon) @ The Kawaii Project

Nails – Gorgeous Dolls Sin’s Passion

Shoes – .tsg. Parfait Plats (pink) for Slink Feet Mid @ The Kawaii Project

Rings – :FF: Heart Attach Midi Rings

Bracelet 1 – Half Deer Forest’s Tale Petals and Pearls Bracelet

Bracelet 2 – Nomi Dessert Lolita Berry Heart Bracelet @ The Kawaii Project

Phone – Dreamsicle Yummy Smartphone (watermelon) @ The Kawaii Project