Easter Sunday

second life easter styleMesh Body – Slink Physique

Skin Appliers – Pink Acid Catherine (latte)

Lips – Pink Acid Sticky Bun Lipgloss (pink) for loudmouth

Hair – Magika Hush (01)

Dress – Hilly Haalan Fem Draped Neckholder Dress (black.silver)

Shoes – Reign Sia Pumps for Slink high

Wheelbarrow – Musical Note

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Hime Lolita VS Sweet Gal

second life heels nails girl virtual lolita gyaru fashionI’m sure many of Second Life residents are aware of Japanese style and subcultures now, aside of anime and cosplay lifestyle. One of the most known is probably lolita. Don’t take it negatively when you hear lolita, cause it is not always about the other “lolita” with bad meaning. Lolita has been a popular fashion and lifestyle in Japan for many many years. Some say their popularity and existence are dying already, but they’re still there in good numbers. Not only in real life, but also Second Life. I’ve seen some great lolita stores in world. Pixicat and Sweet Thing are two of them. I was so excited when I found out they were on the lineup of The Arcade’s March. And even more excited when they released their promo picture of the gacha collection. But I think Pixicat also caters to other people who likes basically dolly and girly styles as well.

For this post, my sister and I, decided to dress up as the styles we wear in RL, classic hime lolita and hime gal.

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Pastels in Winter

second life heels nails fashion pastel winterSkin & Appliers – Glam Affair Lulu in America

Hair – Spellbound SweetDreams Unnatural Ombre from The Arcade Gacha

Coat and shirt – C’est la vie Sophie Jacket from The Chapter Four

Pants – Ambrosia Flower Blue Leggings

Shoes – Hilly Haalan Vera Platform Ankle Booties

Necklace 1 – JCNY Forever Necklace

Necklace 2 – BabyDoll Heartie Necklace

Hair accessories – pr!tty Christmas Kitty from The Gacha Mania