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With You…

second life heels nails fashion gachaWhy gacha is so addictive? I just can’t stop whenever I go to gacha events, or see any gacha in stores. Last week, I went some shopping spree in OMGacha. There are too many gacha from a lot of stores there I didn’t know which one I should get. But I’m glad I could resist and only got few stuff. One of the items I really love is the snowboard jacket by *Cila*. It has 2 versions, male and female which are separated, so there’s no way you’d get the other opposite gender jacket. I was so in love with the red plaid jacket displayed in the picture I decided to try to get it for my boyfriend, Takuya. Unluckily, I got other colors instead, black, baby blue, and light pink before I finally got the red plaid one. After getting him so many colors, I tried my luck and didn’t really think about it cause I knew I would get one random color/pattern and will still have couple look with him since he got all the colors. But luckily for me, I got the rare one, Galaxy, to my surprise. Honestly it was my first rare gacha I ever got so I was so thrilled lol. Got it in my first attempt on female jacket so yay.

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