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second life heels nails fashion gachaWhy gacha is so addictive? I just can’t stop whenever I go to gacha events, or see any gacha in stores. Last week, I went some shopping spree in OMGacha. There are too many gacha from a lot of stores there I didn’t know which one I should get. But I’m glad I could resist and only got few stuff. One of the items I really love is the snowboard jacket by *Cila*. It has 2 versions, male and female which are separated, so there’s no way you’d get the other opposite gender jacket. I was so in love with the red plaid jacket displayed in the picture I decided to try to get it for my boyfriend, Takuya. Unluckily, I got other colors instead, black, baby blue, and light pink before I finally got the red plaid one. After getting him so many colors, I tried my luck and didn’t really think about it cause I knew I would get one random color/pattern and will still have couple look with him since he got all the colors. But luckily for me, I got the rare one, Galaxy, to my surprise. Honestly it was my first rare gacha I ever got so I was so thrilled lol. Got it in my first attempt on female jacket so yay.

second life snowboard jacketDidn’t manage to make Takuya wear all the other colors (cause he was lazy), but succeeded taking picture of him in the lovely pink jacket lol.

second life heels nailsThough I never ever wore other things but stilettos and platforms, I had to wear the high top sneakers I got from the other store gacha. It has other patterns and style, luckily I got two of them that suits both of us. They’re beautifully textured and fit perfectly. Other things I got are lock handbag and rings. The rings are made for gesture slink hands. I only have elegant slink hands, but the rings are modifiable and it’s easy to edit the position of the rings to whichever fingers I want. I think I will go back to OMGacha again to get more rings.

What I wear:

Body – Slink Physique

Skin and appliers – Glam Affair Lulu (America)

Hair – Magika Beans

Jacket – *Cila* Snowboard Jacket at OMGacha

Shoes – Bubbles Street Sneakers at OMGacha

Bag – Pink Acid Hard Plastic Locket of Love Clutch at OMGacha

Ring 1 – LUXE Hipster Ring Arrow at OMGacha

Ring 2 – Celestinas Weddings Anillo Anastasia

Ring set – Emporium Ring #4 Spike at OMGacha

Nails – Gorgeous Dolls All Hallow’s Lady

TELEPORT TO OMGACHA (until Jan 31st)


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