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Let Me Be Royal

second life heels nails royalsecond life heels nails royalBody – Slink Physique

Skin and appliers – Glam Affair Lulu (America)

Hair – D!va Naomi (group gift)

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With You…

second life heels nails fashion gachaWhy gacha is so addictive? I just can’t stop whenever I go to gacha events, or see any gacha in stores. Last week, I went some shopping spree in OMGacha. There are too many gacha from a lot of stores there I didn’t know which one I should get. But I’m glad I could resist and only got few stuff. One of the items I really love is the snowboard jacket by *Cila*. It has 2 versions, male and female which are separated, so there’s no way you’d get the other opposite gender jacket. I was so in love with the red plaid jacket displayed in the picture I decided to try to get it for my boyfriend, Takuya. Unluckily, I got other colors instead, black, baby blue, and light pink before I finally got the red plaid one. After getting him so many colors, I tried my luck and didn’t really think about it cause I knew I would get one random color/pattern and will still have couple look with him since he got all the colors. But luckily for me, I got the rare one, Galaxy, to my surprise. Honestly it was my first rare gacha I ever got so I was so thrilled lol. Got it in my first attempt on female jacket so yay.

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Pastel Unicorn

second life heels nails pastel unicornI love going to events. There are always the cutest prettiest things I can always find there. Though I hate the wait and rejected because the sim is too full. But it’s all worth it. The other day I went to Collabor88 and seems like the theme this time around is unicorn. Yes, unicorn. There are various kind of unicorn themed stuff, from dresses, shoes, home decor, to accessories. I managed to grab some of the cute unicorn stuff and couldn’t be happier. Especially since most of the items are only either 88L or 188L, and few 288L. If you’re into fairy kei fashion, I’m sure you’ll find a lot of things to buy there. And since I’m more of a gyaru, I didn’t get the cute fairy kei stuff.

I was too thrilled when I found the unicorn dress by Pixicat. It comes in other pastel colors, but I picked lilac cause it looks prettiest to me. It is a sleeveless one piece with silver unicorn prints. It is so well made, and gotta love the material. I love the white lace underneath the puffy skirt the most.

second life heels nails pastel unicornThese are some of my Collabor88 haul. The satchel bag from tres blah is another lovely thing. It also comes in other pastel colors and some more neutral colors as well. The pumps, can you see why I love the pumps so much? Apparently, some people think (myself included) the gold color of the decorations on the shoes to the heels looks different from the promo picture. But good thing is the designer just updated the HUD yesterday and added a new gold color that looks fantastic, and the same gold as the ad. I love both gold colors, but I use the darker gold in this picture. The accessories are a must get if you love unicorns. The cameo ring is the sweetest. I love how the pink and purple blends in the background as well.

Overall, I’m super satisfied with the things I bought from this event. Though it might not be something I would wear often (cause it’s too unicorn lol), but I held my chin up high walking in this getup and let them know where I got them when some people asked me today.

What I wear:

Skin and appliers – Glam Affair Lulu (America)

Body – Slink Physique

Hair – Spellbound SweetDreams Unnatural Ombre

Dress – Pixicat Unicorn Dress (lilac) on Collabor88

Bag – tres blah Frilly Satchel (blue) on Collabor88

Pendant – tsg Unicorn Pendant (pink) on Collabor88

Necklace – tsg Unicute Charm Necklace (rainbow) on Collabor88

Ring – Yummy Unicorn Cameo Ring (pink sparkles) on Collabor88

Nails – Gorgeous Dolls Pale Pink Dia

Shoes – Violent Seduction Unicorn Shoe (pink) on Collabor88

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Pastels in Winter

second life heels nails fashion pastel winterSkin & Appliers – Glam Affair Lulu in America

Hair – Spellbound SweetDreams Unnatural Ombre from The Arcade Gacha

Coat and shirt – C’est la vie Sophie Jacket from The Chapter Four

Pants – Ambrosia Flower Blue Leggings

Shoes – Hilly Haalan Vera Platform Ankle Booties

Necklace 1 – JCNY Forever Necklace

Necklace 2 – BabyDoll Heartie Necklace

Hair accessories – pr!tty Christmas Kitty from The Gacha Mania

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Dreaming Pastel

second life heels nails bedroom floorplanAside of fashion, decorating has been one of my favorite things to do in Second Life. And I am a sucker for pretty bedroom sets. So I was excited when I visited Uber and saw Floorplan & Consignment beautiful bed. I had a hard time deciding which color I should get and end up getting pearl. I really love the swirls and polkadot bed cover. There are 3 versions of the bed and 7 colors available. They’re all beautiful! The bed comes with 21 single and 19 couple animations for the PG version. Though I just purchased new bedroom set after I moved out to a new family sim, I just couldn’t miss this gilded beds.

second life heels nails bed floorplanWhat I’m wearing:

Hair – Ploom Courtney

Outfit – Hilly Haalan Coco Outfit

Shoes – Hilly Haalan Maja Chain Heels for Slink High Feet

Arm puppy – TSG Yorkie Hairbow (from The Arcade gacha)